Log Management

We are comming from Log Management, that is our base. We have built the system to address the need for log data centralization and it’s proper visualizations. Energy Logserver main feature is log data collection with all comprehensive modules that enables the knowledge in it. We want to index more and more logs, we want to support all of Your data despite its format.

There are the main logsoruce formats we suport:

  • Syslog
  • Windows Events
  • Flatfile
  • Snmp trap
  • Netflow
  • Scripts and external calls

Our scale is in presented in hundrets of TeraBytes. We do not want to tell You what to store and what is not so important. We are here to store as much as possible, giving the user ability to search the entire space. If needed we can make an offline archive as long as raw, plain text logs output

Our infrastructure has layers that can scale and prvide HA-features at every stage. BigData, queues performance, high availability are terms of special meaning for Energy Logserver.

Our data is kept secure. Energy Logserver blocks the ability to delete or update indexed documents. On the top of it each log can be fingerprinted with algorithms like SHA1 – SHA512, MD5.

It is very easy to export the data, prividing the right query and store results in CSV file.

Energy Logserver is designed to operate for IT Logs Management, there is no area we fell more comfortable with.