Future Tech Event with our partner – CyberX

We are proud to announce the Future Tech Event conference in Oman, whose platinum sponsor is our partner from the MENA region - CyberX.

Future Tech Event is an event presenting the latest ICT products and services, the latest devices, consumer electronics and the most modern intelligent technology in all sectors - including cybersecurity.

At this event, we will have the opportunity to listen to presentations by the founder of CyberX, Mohannad Alkalash, and our engineer - Szymon Ćwieka.


To sign up for the event and listen to the lectures, please click here: https://www.futuretechevent.com

Continous development of Energy Logserver and ITRS partnership

At Q2 of 2019 Energy Logserver started partnership with globally successful company - ITRS Group. Since then, that partnership evolved every month, creating ITRS Log Analytics dedicated product, which is supplementing ITRS products group.

ITRS Log Analytics, just like Energy Logserver focus on modern, next-gen approach for security. This is combination of multiple data sources with correlation, such SIEM could be delivered to satisfy needs of multiple departments and teams.

More than that, software is delivered with big database of predefined alerts and rules, which allows for seamless integration into existing architecture. Thanks to that, monitoring both IT Operations and security related data is easy.

We recommend reading post on ITRS blog, which is available under this link: https://www.itrsgroup.com/blog/log-analytics-for-security