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DNS logstash filter is slow

Issue description   I've used the DNS filter on the logstash, but i can clearly see that the indexing speed has decreased by adding resolve. Does it have to be so slow? Logstash config from documentation: filter {   dns {     reverse => [ "source_host", "field_with_address" ]     resolve => [ "field_with_fqdn" ]     action => "replace"   } […]

Continous development of Energy Logserver and ITRS partnership

At Q2 of 2019 Energy Logserver started partnership with globally successful company - ITRS Group. Since then, that partnership evolved every month, creating ITRS Log Analytics dedicated product, which is supplementing ITRS products group. ITRS Log Analytics, just like Energy Logserver focus on modern, next-gen approach for security. This is combination of multiple data sources […]

Reminder of FedCSIS 2020 Data Mining Competition

We remind you about the ongoing FedCSIS 2020 Data Mining math competition. Only 2 weeks left to participate! Attractive cash prizes are waiting to be won, along with a pass for this year’s FedCSIS 2020 in Sochi. By this challenge, we want to answer the question of whether it is possible to reliably predict workload-related […]

Energy Logserver major release 7.x

The latest Energy Logserver major release is now available. Most important change is that from now on Energy Logserver is based on version 7.3.2 Elasticsearch and Kibana. We've also added new module - XLSX Import, which allows to import into Energy Logserver any csv or xlsx format file with data directly from GUI. Additional options […]