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Reminder of FedCSIS 2020 Data Mining Competition

We remind you about the ongoing FedCSIS 2020 Data Mining math competition. Only 2 weeks left to participate! Attractive cash prizes are waiting to be won, along with a pass for this year’s FedCSIS 2020 in Sochi. By this challenge, we want to answer the question of whether it is possible to reliably predict workload-related […]

Energy Logserver major release 7.x

The latest Energy Logserver major release is now available. Most important change is that from now on Energy Logserver is based on version 7.3.2 Elasticsearch and Kibana. We've also added new module - XLSX Import, which allows to import into Energy Logserver any csv or xlsx format file with data directly from GUI. Additional options […]

FedCSIS 2020 Data Mining Competition

FedCSIS 2020 Data Mining Challenge: Network Device Workload Prediction is the seventh data mining competition organized in association with Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems ( This time, the considered task is related to the monitoring of large IT infrastructures and the estimation of their resource allocation. The challenge is sponsored by EMCA Software […]

6.1.8 New version Energy Logserver!

The latest Energy Logserver update introduces improvements to existing mechanisms, but adds a number of new tools. Fully compatible with version 6.x elasticsearch, Energy Logserver introduces, among others: Logtrail - a tool for analyzing and reading service logs straight from system files that are updated on a regular basis. Clear interface with code coloring and […]

Data leak – over billion people affected (PDL / OXY)

On October 16th 2019 two cybersecurity experts – Bob Diachenko and Vinny Troia discovered unsecured elasticsearch environment. Sadly, this is not unique. Open-Source Elasticsearch does not have security mechanisms on its own and allowing access from Internet is always a bad idea. Turns out that elaticsearch had huge amount of personalized data indexed, to be […]